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May 2002 marks the birth of a new ISP in Indonesia! Within the first few months of our operation, is proud to have secured a number of prestigious corporate accounts. One of the key reasons for our success is the fact that we are continually seeking to improve our service by employing the latest and most advanced IP technologies such as IP Optimization, IP Compression and Caching in delivering internet access service to our end users. Such technologies allow to provide QoS for prioritization of different applications according to customers' needs and acceleration of content delivery. Our customers get real value for their money! provides a wide array of highly reliable and cost-effective solutions to cater for different customer requirements. To ensure the best quality service and to fulfill the high expectation of our customers, relies on 2 major Internet Backbone Providers. Loral Orion and UUNET offer our users faster access to the Internet,faster download and upload. In routing local traffic, is peering with Indonesian Internet Exchange (IIX) which connects to major cities nationwide. Our customers get guaranteed connectivity!

Our competent technical support and dedicated marketing staff are our most valuable asset. They work closely together to provide the best advice and service for our prospects and customers. With our team of young, dynamic and highly motivated professionals, is well positioned to become one of the most preferred ISPs in Indonesia. Our customers get an unprecedented level of service! by innovations!

Clean your network from nasty viruses and email spamming. In SolusiNet, we can assure your bandwith is at maximum uptime by using today latest technology AntiVirus and Anti-Spamming software.

By subscribe to us, you will get our value added service for free of charge while you running your business swiftly.